Residential Pet Waste Removal Services

Keep your lawn dog-poop free. It’s easy to get started with Ecoscoopers! Just follow our simple process:

  • Call or email us.
  • We’ll ask how many dogs you have, and how often you want us to come poop scoop.
  • Once we get your information, we’ll show up and remove your dog waste.
  • If you scoop your own yard, but find yourself buried in dog poop or short on time, contact us for a one-time scoop!

Residential Poop Scoop Rates

We offer several services for pet waste removal, based on a .25 acres or smaller plot.

  • Weekly poop scoop
  • Multiple poop scoops each week
  • One-time poop scoop

Rates are based on the frequency of service, and the number of dogs. Rates start at less than $14/week for one dog, once/week.

1 Visit per Week

# of Dogs Price/Month Per Visit Cost
1 $59.99 $14
2 $69.99 $16
3 $79.99 $18
4 $89.99 $21


2 Visits per Week

# of Dogs Price/Month Per Visit Cost
1 $89.99 $10
2 $99.99 $12
3 $119.99 $14
4 $139.99 $16


Initial Poop Scoop Service

Our initial service may require more cleanup than the following visits. If your yard has not been scooped recently, there may be an additional fee for your first cleanup. Once you get on our schedule, normal residential pet waste removal rates will apply.

You can also opt for our commercial pet waste removal service

Eco-Friendly Poop Scooping
Eco-Friendly Poop Scooping