Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Poop Scooping


How do I start service?

Just give us a call or send us an email!  We can start this week!

Do I have to sign a contract?

No! You may skip a week or cancel service at any time. Please notify us at least 48 hours prior to discontinuation of service.

Do I need to be home to have my yard cleaned?

No! All we need is access to the yard. We will leave a report card stating that we cleaned the yard and alerting you to any problems or issues.

Should I leave my gate unlocked?

Our personnel are not allowed to climb or jump fences. If you lock your gate, you can leave it open on your service days, issue us a copy of the key, or we can provide you with a combination lock. The combination lock is provided at no cost, however, a replacement fee will be charged if lock is not returned at end of service in working condition.  If we are not able to access the yard, we will still bill for service, as we made the trip to your home, and we will be picking up double the waste the following week.

Can you work with pets in the yard?

In almost all situations we can work with pets in the yard. If you have any concerns, we can meet your pets prior to service to determine if your pets are aggressive or territorial. In these instances we do ask that the pets be confined or restrained on your service days. If we are not able to access the yard due to pets, you will still be billed at normal rates.

Do you work all year round?

Yes! We work through all seasons. We do work during light precipitation, however we are not able to work during heavy rain or snow, lightning, hail, or tornadoes. We still bill for service as your yard will have twice as much waste on the following service date.

What if there is snow in the ground?

Snow does present several problems for us. It covers the waste, it can freeze gates, and it doesn’t make for the greatest working conditions. We do still service yards with snow on the ground and will attempt to pick up all visible waste. Sometimes the waste is visible but frozen to the ground – in those situations we will leave it to avoid damaging your lawn. We will also do our best to open frozen gates, however we will not do so in a manner that would cause damage. As these situations are beyond our control, your account will still be charged the normal amount. We will always do our best to get everyone’s yard kept as clean as possible.

Payment Policy

Payment is due upon receipt of your invoice. Invoices that are unpaid more than 30 days may receive a $10 late penalty.  Each additional 30 days late will receive a 1% late penalty.