Ecoscoopers isn’t only convenient for those who don’t want to scoop poop themselves, but we also have an eco-friendly process. Our Kansas City pet waste removal services are environmentally friendly from start to finish. We’re committed to eco-friendly practices that keep the environment safe – from pet waste, pollution and even energy waste.

Our Eco-Friendly Pet Waste Process

We’re passionate about the environment and keeping it healthy and safe. Shawn Halligan started Ecoscoopers in 2009. His background in biology and serving with a state environmental protection agency laid the foundation for his passion to keep people safe, and our environment protected. Some of the practices we’re committed to include:

  • Using bio-degradable, compostable bags to remove pet waste
  • Composting the dog poop once we’ve scooped the yard
  • Driving high MPG-vehicles (at least 35 mpg) to be efficient with gasoline
  • Emailing invoices and using automatic billing to save paper
  • Using recycled materials whenever we can
  • Hosting our website with a “green” host powered by the wind

Why is it important to be eco-friendly when removing dog poop?

A US Geological Survey study was performed in Kansas City, and showed that 25% of all bacteria in our lakes and streams comes from pet waste. If not picked up, pet waste is washed into lakes and streams, infecting the water with bacteria and viruses. By maintaining a commitment to being eco-friendly, we are not only helping your yard look better, but we are also working to preserve our environment.

How do you compost dog poop?

We use compostable bags to collect the pet waste and then use our proprietary system of vermicomposting to dispose of the waste. Our compost is recycled and used for landscaping.