Yes, it’s not…most people yet think that the dog waste is a fertilizer and hence is good for their yard and lawns. However, the truth is absolutely opposite. It’s actually toxic for your environment and it may cause unsightly discoloring and burns to your lawn.

It’s also assessed that just a single gram of dog poop may contain about twenty million bacteria that can cause intestinal disease, cramps and even kidney disorders. It’s already proved that the waste of about 100 dogs if dropped for 2-3 days may contribute enough bacteria to close a bay worth 21 miles of it.

Impact of poop to the environment near your family

Why to worry about local waterways when there is something you could be more concerned about? Do you know the impact of dog poop a little closer to your home? Depositing dog stool in an improper manner consistently may affect your whole family.

As per a recent research, the dog droppings may pass disease named zoonoses to the humans. When the infected poop is not cleaned from your surroundings, the eggs of certain parasites may remain in your area for a long time. Anyone who walks barefoot or come in contact with the garden may come in contact with those parasitic eggs.

If you do not get enough time to clean your area and to stay away from unwanted diseases, then you must consider hiring an experienced poop scoop service provider.