01 A recent study has found that dogs prefer to line themselves along the North-South magnetic lines while urinating or pooping.  Male dogs deviated while urinating however due to their leg-lifting proclivities.  The researchers monitored 70 dogs from 37 breeds over the course of two years.  Which resulted in 1,893 defecations and 5,582 urinations.  During normal conditions the dogs preferred the north-south axis, however magnetic field disturbances such as solar flares would alter which way the dogs would face.  Which brings us to the question of course, why would anyone want to observe dogs in this manner for two years?  It is part of ongoing research about how animals perceive magnetic fields aka magnetoreception.  We have known that birds can do it as can bees.  Recently it was discovered that cows prefer to align themselves along north south magnetic lines as well.   Other mammals have also been studied such as foxes. So the next time you’re watching your dog do his business, watch which way he’s facing.  Then ask yourself if he’s showing his business end toward the penguins or Santa?