It was raining when I woke up this morning.  Doesn’t bother me, but it does make my dog want to stay indoors – even if he needs to pee or poop.  So what are some good ways to get your dog to go out even for a minute?

Take him on a walk – My dog can’t help it.  He loves his walks and has to pee on everything.  This works every time.

Get a large umbrella – Step outside with her with a large umbrella over both of you.

Doggie Raincoat – If you put clothes or coats on your dog anyway, why not try a doggy raincoat?  I’ve even seen them with little hats to keep the rain out of their eyes.

Indoor Pads – Yup, you can train your dog to pee indoors in specified areas.

Positive Reinforcement – This is my easiest standby.  If he knows he will get a treat or even praise my dog is much more likely to risk getting his fur wet to run out and do his business.

Just a few ideas for those rainy days.  Have fun and good luck!