As I was watching a news story on some of the recent natural disasters, I started thinking about emergency preparedness.  Then I thought, what about my dogs?  So, after looking across the web, here are a few things I found.

First Aid kit – If you want to make your own, check with your vet on things to include.  They might suggest gauze, hydrogen peroxide, and milk of magnesia.  You can also buy them for between $20 and $80.

Emergency kit – Again, these can be purchased online, from around $50 on up.  But if you want to assemble your own, you will need water, food (canned food keeps better), collar and leash, poop bags, vet records, medications, food and water bowls.  Something for your pet to sleep on or in, as well, such as a crate, or towels and blankets.  Oh and toys and treats too.  Your pet probably felt those should be first on the list.

Other items – Emergency contact names and numbers, flashlights.  Also think about the situations where your kit might be needed and what you would need then.  If you love in the desert with a lab, you may not need a doggie life preserver.  But, your maltipoo in New Orleans may need one.

Hopefully you will never need these things.  But a little planning now can help a lot later.